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Title: OMEGA Telecom
Post by: Admin on May 02 2007 08:33am
Today we were informed about a new company called OMEGA Telecom ( that offers VoIP (Voice over IP) and Internet connectivity services.

We know very little about this company and all the information we have is from their website and a five minute phone conversation with the owner. If you have any additional information please do not hesitate to leave a comment in this article.

According to their website, OMEAGA Telecom offers three ADSL packages over the i-choice platform ( The packages are:

  • 512Kbps Down / 128Kbps Up - 7.95
  • 1Mbps Down / 128Kbps Up - 9.95
  • 1Mbps Down / 128Kbps Up + Static IP - 14.95

Prices do not include VAT