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june 24 2024 09:02am


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1  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: Cablenet Reviews on: June 29 2012 04:39pm
CableNet double speeds already in effect!
Average CableNet speed once again catches up to equal global average speed!
2  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: Cablenet Reviews on: June 04 2012 06:10am
Hmm... it's silent here... I guess the services got better?
Anyway - came by to say CableNet has announced double speeds for their customers:
3  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: CYTA… Insecuring people on: June 22 2011 04:41pm
Ha! Great find! Grin
Cyprus government employees are legendary...
4  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: Cablenet Reviews on: June 19 2011 04:49am
Great improvement in the general speed statistics of CableNet from the last 2 months!

From the slowest in Cyprus to above world's average!
Great job CableNet! I guess this could mean only one thing for the customers - speed upgrades! Grin
5  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: CableNet is RAISING prices immediately, no notification on: May 30 2011 03:07pm
CableNet is raising prices again!
This time its the telephone rates.
These are the current rates:
Callsat FIXED 0.0171
Otenet FIXED 0.0171
Primetel FIXED 0.0171
Telepassport FIXED 0.0423

These are the new rates:
CYTA FIXED 0,01400
Other FIXED 0,02500
ΜΤΝ MOBILE 0,05000
6  Cyprus Broadband / General Broadband Discussion / Re: Cablnet Decoder and card on: May 20 2011 12:17pm
You should speak with CableNet about this. If they use a standard encryption - they could tell you which one and you could buy the CAM module for this encryption from a satellite TV shop. If they use a custom encryption - you can get the module only from them. Depending on the encryption there is also a possibility that the card will not run on anything else but the decoder they gave you.
7 Website / Suggestions and Feedback / Re: The daily programme on cablent channels on: May 20 2011 12:13pm
I also think it is about time CableNet should start sending a monthly issue with a TV guide and reviews. Everyone else is doing it. It is a standard practice everywhere around the world. They can send it by snail mail, email or have it available for download but a TV guide should be present.
8  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: CableNet is RAISING prices immediately, no notification on: May 07 2011 04:46pm
Stefandem - if "number 8" has a problem the next packet gets rerouted because routing is done by protocols, not by acts of faith. And if rerouting can not happen then it is your ISPs problem for not providing sufficient bandwidth to handle it, so your ISP ends up downgraded using the worst route, instead of slowing the whole planet's traffic, waiting for its packets to travel through its narrow pipe. Thats the whole point behind routing. And since YouTube collects streaming statistics on ISPs - it becomes blatantly obvious how every particular ISP is handling its traffic.

Thankfully it seems CableNet has finally decided to improve!
9  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: CableNet is RAISING prices immediately, no notification on: May 05 2011 12:55pm
Which simply means that this particular ISP is not using the right servers Wink

The measurements for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) are computed by averaging the daily averages of all users (again based on VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie) who use the same ISP and are in the same geographic region. The ISP speed number will be an average of all users across all types of Internet connectivity and service plans offered by the ISP.
10  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: CableNet is RAISING prices immediately, no notification on: April 28 2011 04:56pm
It seems that with the new higher prices for internet access CableNet has headed for new lows in speeds... Shocked
11  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / CableNet is RAISING prices immediately, no notification on: April 10 2011 02:37pm
I just saw this on CableNet's website:
Cablenet announces, as required by Article 69 of Law 112 (1) / 2004, that new monthly fees will apply to existing retail subscribers as of 1st May 2011. For new subscribers, the new fees will apply from 1st April, 2011.
What follows is the prices, all raised by 90 cents.
No explanation for the hike is given.
As a customer I have received no notification whatsoever about this.
Not only it is a very bad business practice to raise subscription prices without notice, it is inexplicable why the price for internet services is dropping all over the world, but for CableNet - it is RAISING.
This is so absurd it's not even funny.

In the meantime CableNet continues to be the slowest internet provider in Cyprus:
12  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: Cablenet Reviews on: March 04 2011 03:59pm
Your speeds are just a tiny fraction of the total speed statistics gathered from Google. As you can see Cablenet has LOST its leadership, LOST its speeds and now is at the bottom of the chart. Cablenet not only did NOT upgrade its speeds - it DOWNGRADED its speeds. Once the UNDISPUTED LEADER now Cablenet is a dropout, behind everyone else.
It is now far from what it was just some months ago.
You can see this process develop over time in the charts I have posted so far:

It is useless to argue against cold statistics - this is the true state of the internet speeds in Cyprus today.
13  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: Cablenet Reviews on: March 02 2011 04:28pm
Upgrade of speeds??? Really???

CableNet - officially the slowest provider in Cyprus:
14  Cyprus Broadband / General Broadband Discussion / Re: cytanet upgrade 2 on: January 05 2011 01:26pm
I agree speed is overrated.
Browsing speed on 20 is just the same as it is on 1mbps.
If you need something big downloaded you don't sit and wait for it to download - you schedule it, usually overnight.
Does it matter if the download will finish at 2am or at 5am?
There is not one half decent streaming VOD provider in Europe and the American providers are restricted.
The only "use" of high speed bandwidth is with online gaming and I don't do it Cheesy
Once people realize they don't need more than 1mbps the prices will go through the floor.
When providers can not compete with speeds - they will have to compete with prices!
So if you want lower prices - do like I did - teach the greedy providers a lesson - downgrade to 1!

Unless you are an online gamer - in that case you just have to wait to grow up Grin
15  Cyprus Broadband / ISP Reviews / Re: Cablenet Reviews on: November 12 2010 01:31pm
Quote from: CableNet
* The package cable/talk+surf+view 1M remains as is
Interesting. For some reason turning 10 into 20Mbps is ok but turning 1 into 2Mbps is impossible! Roll Eyes Grin
That should ring a bell.
You may think your speed is double but in fact nothing has changed.
So next time youre stuck with lower speeds don't wonder if it has gone down in half - it's your real speed Wink
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