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PrimeTel is a relatively new player in the telecommunications sector of Cyprus. It is currently the main competitor of the semi-state owned CYTA.

PrimeTel platform coverage

Primetel has partnered with Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to create a fiber optic network that is currently utilized by their ADSL2+ platform. At the moment the PrimeTel platform coverage is limited to the urban centers and a few suburban areas. To find out whether your establishment is covered by PrimeTel you can enter your telephone number in a form at the PtimeTel website or you can call PrimeTel at the phone number 133.

PrimeTel "triple play" services and ISPs

Unlike the DSL Access (i-choice) platform where the user subscribes to the platform, to the ISP, to Digital TV and for a phone line separately, in the case of the PrimeTel platform all of the above services are bought and paid to the ISP with a single monthly bill. PrimeTel has its own ISP but other independent ISPs utilize the Primetel platform as well.

PrimeTel ISP

The table below lists the ADSL packages offered by PrimeTel. The costs indicated below are all inclusive and include the rental of the phone line(s), the fee for the PrimeTel platform as well as the fee for the ISP.

PrimeTel packages overview
Package Name Max Speed Down/Up Prime TV Deposit Monthly Fee
PrimeHome 2 2Mbps / 512Kbps yes €42,71 49
PrimeHome 4 4Mbps / 512Kbps yes €42,71 55
PrimeHome 6 6Mbps / 768Kbps yes €42,71 60
PrimeHome 8 8Mbps / 768Kbps yes €42,71 69
PrimeHome 24 24Mbps / 768Kbps yes €42,71 84
PrimeNet 4 4Mbps / 512Kbps no €42,71 39
PrimeNet 6 6Mbps / 768Kbps no €42,71 49
PrimeNet 8 8Mbps / 768Kbps no €42,71 €59
PrimeNet 24 24Mbps / 768Kbps no €42,71 74

The PrimeHome and PrimeNet packages come with free WiFi.

Static IP option - €1.97 Οne off payment - €5.75 / Month

Telephone line - €100.21 Οne off payment (only if you do not already have a phone line)

PrimeTV (Digital TV)

A Digital TV option which includes most local and several international channels as well as a games is available on the PrimeTel platform. Video on Demand and Premium Channels are also available at extra cost.

Pros and Cons of the PrimeTel platform


  • Only one bill to pay
  • High Speeds


  • A yearly contract with PrimeTel is required
  • Not very wide coverage
  • If you already have a CYTA phone line you will need to switch to PrimeTel which can take a couple of weeks


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User Rating: 2.68 out of 5 after 28 votes

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reviewer: pissa

kopelia apistefto! afto tha pei antagonismos!

Erxonte sintoma 100Mbits!!!!!!!


reviewer: falconcy

It's not a question of the speed, more one of how much it will cost. 69 E's for 20Mbit from Cablenet, extrapolate that up and I'm guessing we're looking at a minimum of 250 E's for 100Mbit, who is going to pay that much?

Cyta has all the gear to deliver FTTH, yet thus far they haven't needed it as the existing infrastructure is more than adequate to deliver the current packages. The good thing is though that the "regulator" no longer has any excuses for throttling the bandwidth that Cyta can offer ;-)

Cyta should do what normally happens in Cyprus and say (with apologies to Richard Branson) "Screw it, let's do it" - sure, Primetel etc will cry foul, yet it is they and their cohorts in the "regulator" who are solely responsible for the higher prices and lower speeds we have to endure.


reviewer: pissa

i don't believe they are going to be raising the prices. currently they have 2 - 4 - 8 mbits. What i see is that they'll be giving 30 - 50 - 100 mbits for the same price.

What you are saying about cyta is not really true. If cyta thought it would be feasible to provide FTTH they would have done it and the regulator wouldnt have stopped them. The reason obviously is that 3rd parties are allowed to use cyta's lines. They lease their copper lines now so they would have leased their fiber lines to the homes if such a thing happened. Why would the regulator stop such an activity?

Anyway does anyone know what technology primetel will be using? I believe we somehow skipped adsl2+ in cyprus.


reviewer: koullis

i think cyta has a pilot program with ftth installed in archangelos...cyta cant do whatever they want cause regulator blocks them..cyta has to be the last provider to do upgrades on speeds/prices...first primetel and cablenet must introduce them to gain some customers to have it was stated in the forum in other post EU will forced countries and therefore isps to introduced higher speeds and install 100mbps lines by the end of 2012 i think


reviewer: panathas13

hey guys have we got any news about the mega packetts ?


reviewer: pissa

no, but I've heard KFC is having some new deals on their new mega buckets.

..just joking. I'm waiting for an announcement too. Probably 1st of Jan.


reviewer: pissa

Free double speeds. Seperate competitive prices for the VDSL2 service.


reviewer: koullis

monoi tus kamnun panairi...en oi monoi pou ta diafimizun prin na kamun tpt...opos ti sifonia me ti cyta gia tes mappes ediafimizan to je meta pou 3 eftomades efkalan anakinosi oti en esifonisan


reviewer: pissa

dorean diples/triples taxitites apo 1 tou genari. Mexri 24mb.


reviewer: pissa

twra ekatalava ti ekaman! osoi eixame 4mbit me tin "prosfora" tous primenet 39 euro ton mina aplos en na sinexisoume na exoume tin idia taxitita ke meta ton proto xrono pou ligei i prosfora. Ara pernoume aggouraki me ta idia lefta.
En na prepei na dosoume 20 euro parapano gia ta 8mbit. Dld 69 euro ton mina gia 8 mbit. Epelanan telia oi athropoi! Peripezoun mas me tropo!


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