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WaveSpeed is one of the newest Internet Service Providers in Cyprus offering various Internet connectivity solutions.

WaveSpeed ADSL products

WaveSpeed currently offers only one package for home users over the i-choice platform. For their business packages please contact WaveSpeed directly.

WaveSpeed ADSL packages overview
Package Name Max Speed Down/Up Required i-choice Connection Static IPs Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Speed-DSL4096 4Mbps / 384Kbps Home4000 1 - 29.47

Please see the i-choice platform page for the other fees you will have to pay in order to get ADSL connection. The ISP (WaveSpeed in this case) is just one of costs.


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Please post reviews about Wavespeed only, and not about any other ISP or service. However feel free to compare Wavespeed with other Internet Service Providers offering similar products.

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User Rating: 4 out of 5 after 2 votes

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reviewer: efty

Cablenet en o Gios tou Shiacola  Roll Eyes


reviewer: efrem

assen Tongue


reviewer: notme

ke exoume Netway = Spidernet = Primetel, sosta? Apo oti xerw egorasen ke tous 2 i primetel


reviewer: axenios

Get away from this ISP. The only packet they have is 4mbps in a really cheap price compared to the others. Wavespeed sometimes gives you the Full speed (4mbps) but most of the time their speeds goes really really down like (1mbps) or (2mbps).. So Im not recomending this ISP


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