ADSL in Cyprus

ADSL Internet connectivity has been available in Cyprus since 2001. ADSL is now available in most urban and suburban areas as well as in several rural areas at speeds that range from 256Kbps to 8Mbps.

The two major Telecom carriers, CYTA and Primetel, offer ADSL platforms over which a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide broadband Internet connectivity to home and business users. Recently OTEnet-Telecom began creating its own broadband network and offering ADSL services that do not use any of the above platforms.

In Cyprus the cost of ADSL broadband is still significantly higher than in many other European countries. To obtain ADSL the client needs to pay (a) rent for the telephone line (you are already paying this if you have a fixed phone), (b) a connection fee to the platform and (c) the fee to the ISP. If you choose CYTA as your carrier then the above fees will be paid separately. In the case of Primetel all fees are paid with one bill to the ISP.

A Digital TV solution can be added to any of the above platforms for an extra monthly fee. Digital TV includes most local and several international TV channels as well as Video on Demand and games.