Onspeed is a program that uses patented compression technologies to significantly increase the speed of your internet connection. Dial-up speeds are increased by up to 10 times, broadband by up to 5 times and Mobile connections (GPRS/3G) by up to 8 times. Onspeed costs only £25 UK pounds per year.

When your web browser requests a web page the Onspeed software redirects that request to the Onspeed compression servers. They take the web page content, compress it and send it back down to the Onspeed software which decompresses it and sends it to the browser requesting the information. In this way Onspeed can significantly increase the speed of web surfing and email downloads.

Onspeed for dial-up

If you live in an area where ADSL broadband is not available then onspeed is the only cost effective solution to increase the speed of your dial-up connection. Web browsing and email downloads will speed up by up to 10 times making your dial-up feel almost as fast as a broadband connection. We have tested many "web accelerators" but Onspeed is the only one that truly works.

Onspeed for Mobile connections (3G/GPRS)

Onspeed can greatly improve the speed of your mobile connection as well. With Onspeed 3G speeds can be brought even closer to broadband, and browsing the web with the otherwise very slow GPRS can become tolerable.

Another very important benefit of Onspeed in the case of Mobile connections is that it saves you money. Mobile connections are billed based on the amount of data that you download, or, in the case of "unlimited" packages, there is a limit to the amount of data you can download per month. Since Onspeed compresses the data before it is send to you it effectively reduces the amount of data that is consumed and therefore reducing your data charges by up to 75%.

Onspeed for broadband connections

If you have a broadband connection then your web surfing should already be fast enough and no further improvements should be needed. If however you are looking for some additional boost that can further improve your web browsing speeds, especially the download of large web pages, then you could give Onspeed a try. Onspeed can improve the performance of broadband connections with speeds up to 2Mbps, albeit the improvement will not be as dramatic as in the case of dial-up and mobile connections.